Dernières annonces

  • Meinl Soundcaster Fusion Medium Hi Hat Cymbals 14''
    Meinl Soundcaster Fusion Medium Hi Hat Cymbals 14''
    Cymbales - 15/08/2022 50 €

    The Soundcaster line was Meinl's first foray into the "Signature Bronze" alloy that had been developed and patented by Paiste in the late 1980's. Once the patent expired, Meinl was the first to jump in with their spin on the Signature line: The phone...

  • Tama SLP Dynamic Bronze 14
    Tama SLP Dynamic Bronze 14"x5.5" + Hardcase
    Caisse Claire (Snare) - 15/08/2022 300 €

    With a shallow 4.5" depth and 1.2mm thick shell, the bronze shell delivers a solid crack with die-cast hoops adding sharpness and attack. With all the sensitivity that is typical of a shallow shell, a variety of sounds can be produced. + hardcase

  • DW 9000 Pedal
    DW 9000 Pedal
    Hardware - 15/08/2022 300 €

 Pedal + bag

  • Meinl MDR-C1 Rug
    Meinl MDR-C1 Rug
    Hardware - 15/08/2022 50 €

    160cm x 200cm
 incl. bag for transportation

  • Mapex Black Panther Stinger Snare 10''
    Mapex Black Panther Stinger Snare 10''
    Caisse Claire (Snare) - 15/08/2022 200 €

    Snare Size: 10x5.5
 Finish: Chrome
 Snare Shell: Steel
 Lugs: Chrome 
Hoops: Sonic Saver Hoops 
Bearing Edge: Traditional 45 degree
 Sound: Bright, Open, & Loud


  • Yamaha Stagepass 400BT
    Yamaha Stagepass 400BT
    Accessoires - 13/08/2022 450 €

    2 enceintes, table de mixage 8 canaux, 400 Watt, bluetooth, Bassboost, Reverb, Hall Plate Room, Echo, Feedback suppressor, SPX Digitalhall, avec 2 pieds et housses comme neuve si intéressé écrire sms, merci