Dernières annonces

  • Roswell Pickups SHR-B H-Rails ST Bridge White
    Roswell Pickups SHR-B H-Rails ST Bridge White
    Guitares électriques - 13/10/2021 18 €

    Pickup Humbucker en format Singlecoil sans bruit parasite

  • Power soak / power attenuator
    Power soak / power attenuator
    Guitares électriques - 13/10/2021 40 €

    Zweikanaliger Attenuator für Gitarrenverstärker 16 Ohm Impedanz 100 Watt Belastbarkeit Kanal 1 mit Lastwiederstand, hilft beim reduzieren der Lautstärke kräftiger Gitarrenverstärker Kanal 1 mit vier wählbaren Pegelabsenkungen (0 dB, -10 dB, -20 dB, S...

  • Ritter Okon 4
    Ritter Okon 4
    Basses électriques - 10/10/2021 2899 €

    Selling this Ritter Okon 4 bass. It is in mint condition and play wonderfully.

  • Fender 70's Custom Shop Jazz Bass
    Fender 70's Custom Shop Jazz Bass
    Basses électriques - 10/10/2021 2699 €

    Selling this beautiful Custom Shop 70's Jazz Bass. Has been gigged regularly, dings and dongs but plays flawlessly and still is in excellent shape. Birth date is 2010.

  • Fender 1959 Precision Relic
    Fender 1959 Precision Relic
    Basses électriques - 10/10/2021 2999 €

    Selling this Fender Custom Shop 1959 Precision bass in mint condition. Bridge has been replaced since the screws had turned too rusty to be moved anymore. Birth date is 2010.

  • YJM Marshall
    YJM Marshall
    Amplis Guitare - 05/10/2021 2000 €

    Marshall YJM Superlead mint Condition, bonne état, guter Zustand. New TAD Tubes installed June, nouvelle lampes TAD installé en Juin, Neue TAD Tubes wurden im Juni gewechselt. Tous les accessoires sont fournies.