3800 € Gibson LesPaul R8 1998

Date de publication: 04/01/2019
Date de modification: 04/01/2019
  • Adresse: Luxembourg

Selling this 1998 Gibson LesPaul R8 Custom Art Historic !
Absolutely monstrous guitar, by its look and sound !
It's been played, quite a bit in over 20 years, so don't expect it to be a museum piece. It's got buckle rash, dings and dongs, that's a good sign though ;) !
It has seen quite a few mods:
- CrazyParts tuners
- CrazyParts aged aluminium stop tail
- CrazyParts aged ABR-1
- 3 out of the 4 pots have been changed. Two are in the case and one is in pot heaven.
- Caps have been replaced as well
I don't have the original parts.
Original case with Custom Art Historic design, and some papers. No certificate unfortunately, but the serial is on two other papers.
Frets have plenty of life left ! No need to worry about a refret in the next couple of years, unless you're looking for a specific type of frets.
Pickup-wise: I got it without pickups. The ones that are currently in are BB1 & 2 from my 07 R9, which I'd quite like to keep.
That's why I'm offering three different options:
1. Guitar without any pickups --> 3500€
2. Guitar with 2007 Burstbuckers 1&2 --> 3700€
3. Guitar with 2004 SD Custom Shop Jimmy Page pickups ( not the ones you can get on the market nowadays. These are something else, pictures speak for themselves )
--> 3800€
There is currently ( on the 04.01.19 ) one very similar to this on Reverb for 4.5K€, and a couple of weeks ago another one from 1998 sold for 4.2K€
Please only message me if you have serious interest. You don't want your time to be wasted by others, neither do I !!!
If you have serious inquiries, feel free to message me.
The guitar can be seen in Luxembourg. A local pick-up with a beer is more than welcome, but shipping is possible inside the EU ONLY !!! If that's the case, consider shipping costs going from 75-100€ depending on where you live !

Won't let me upload more than one picture unfortunately. If you have serious interest I can provide more pictures.

Tel : 00352 621 702 044

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