750 € Sovtek MIG50

Date de publication: 31/01/2023
Date de modification: 31/01/2023
  • Adresse: Clemency, Luxembourg

verry loud amp.and become a rare collection amp.prices raises like crazy....mine is like new and in technical perfect condition. Works 2x 5881 Power tubes from Sovtek. 2 channels amp without Master you can bridge both channels with a splitter....I use A Lehle P split.I play it with an TAD silencer 16 ohm that, I sell with ....you can use the Sovtek like a guitare amp as well for Bassguitare. look on Internet how they cost....so mine in this conditions is great... the price of 750 euro is without the silenver....otherwise with silencer the price will be 1000 euro. for more information call me

Tel : 00352 621360079

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