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    Tables de mixage - 18/07/2019 200 €

    Table de mixage BEHRINGER MX 9000 24/48 Canaux Photo sur demande , parfait état

  • guitariste cherche
    guitariste cherche
    Musiciens - 12/07/2019 Vérifier avec le vendeur

    Guitarist (41), cherche groupe rock/blues/folk à joindre. Langues: Lux, De, Fr, En.

  • Powersoak Alesandro Muzzle USA (bis 100 Watt geeignet)
    Powersoak Alesandro Muzzle USA (bis 100 Watt geeignet)
    Guitares électriques - 11/07/2019 100 €

    Insert the Muzzle between your amplifiers output and your speaker input, and adjust the volume to suit any situation. The Muzzle has a 6 position switch to choose from 100%, 50%, 40%, 30%, 20%, or 10% of applied power. Built in meter allows you to ea...

  • Zildjian Gen 16
    Zildjian Gen 16
    Cymbales - 06/07/2019 1800 €

    Verkaafen elektresch Cymbales Hihat 2x crash Ride Splash China Alles funktioneiert

  • Bad Cat Unleash
    Bad Cat Unleash
    Amplis Guitare - 03/07/2019 300 €

    2 switchable channel power attenuator with build in effect loop. You can play your 100 watt monster to a 0,5 watt quiet amp or turn your 5 watt baby to an 100 watt Monster. Comes with his original Box and speaker Cables. High wuality Boutique product...

  • The Valve Bimbo
    The Valve Bimbo
    Amplis Guitare - 02/07/2019 550 €

    5 Watt Boutique amp made in Italy. 1x El 34 Poweramp stage and 1x12AX7B and ECC83 on preamp.. Mint Condition in Sexy Red Dress. Amp sounds like a Plexi in Babyshoes. The most interisting is the build in London Powerscale attenuator... you can switch ...